Kalba Half Marathon 2021 – Sharjah

We are proud to introduce the FIRST Edition of Kalba Half Marathon 2021. The biggest running event in the eastern coast of the UAE!

The race will be held in Kalba new Corniche street, suit beginner and more advanced athletes. This is a great racecourse to achieve your personal best time!

The run is open to people of all fitness abilities, you can choose from the half marathon distance 21.1km, or one of the alternative distances, 10km, 5km or 2.5km.

Important note:
So far, COVID-19 PCR test is required from all participants, visit us later to check any update. We will email all participants with more details prior the event.


Rugaylat Road
United Arab Emirates  | AE


  • 21.1 km
AED 141.75
 |  06:30
  • 10 km
from AED 89.25 to AED 115.00
 |  06:40
  • 5 km
from AED 89.25 to AED 115.00
 |  06:45
  • 2.5 km
from AED 89.25 to AED 115.00
 |  06:50
  • 21.1 km
  • 10 km
  • 5 km
AED 120.00
 |  00:00
  • 21.1 km
  • 10 km
  • 5 km
AED 160.00
 |  00:00
  • 21.1 km
  • 10 km
  • 5 km
AED 230.00
 |  00:00


Registration open
Sun. 1 Aug. 2021
Late fees apply from
Tue. 26 Oct. 2021
Registration close
Wed. 27 Oct. 2021 or sooner if the event is fully-booked.
Individual athletes
Finisher & Finalists Medals.
Photo Service.
Automated Timing.
Electronic Certificate.
Refund policy
Athletes have the option to protect fees for unforeseen and outside of control cancellations.

Online payments related to canceled and rescheduled events; e.g. registrations, donations, and purchases are outlined and governed by the Terms of Service and Returns & Refunds policies.

These payments are non-refundable and at the discretion of the event organizer.

The current extraordinary circumstances are beyond the control of athletes and organizers. Therefore this event is subject to refunds as follows:
– For refunds related to canceled events, we will contact you and issue a refund automatically.
– For refunds related to rescheduled events, we will contact you with the new date and time ASAP. In case you can’t make the event, refunds will be done upon request.
– Store purchases are excluded from refunds.
– All refunds are subject to a 15% administration fee.

Practical info

Race information
Race pack collection
From Sunday 24 to Wednesday 27 October 2021, we will update all participants with timing and location later.
+ On race day at the venue from 5:15AM – 6:15AM.
Transport to start
Own transport to the venue
Transport from finish
Own transport from the venue

Course / track / circuit

Support stations
 Refreshment and support stations available along the route .
There will be short race briefings. Please always listen carefully to the announcements as any last-minute changes will be addressed. All entrants will be given specific arrival and start window times to the event and venue for event personnel management.

Facilities & services

 Registered Nurse and / or Emergency Medical services present.
Changing rooms
All aid stations will consist of sealed sterilized water bottles placed on a table by a staff member trained in COVID measures and wearing protective clothing.

برنامج يوم الحدث – الجمعة 29/10/2021
5:01 أذان الفجر
5:15 بدء توزيع الأرقام
6:20 الشروق
6:30 بدء انطلاقات 21.1 كيلومتر
6:40 بدء انطلاقات 10 كيلومتر
6:45 بدء انطلاقات 5 كيلومتر
6:50 بدء انطلاقات 2.5 كيلومتر
7:30 تتويج الفئات الفرعية
8:30 تتويج فئات النصف ماراثون
9:30 نهاية السباق

Race Day Program- Friday 29/10/2021:
5:01 Al Fajer Prayer
5:15 Late bib collection start
6:20 Sunrise
6:30 HM start time
6:40 10km start time
6:45 5km start time
6:50 2.5km start time
7:30 Other distances awards ceremony
8:30 HM awards ceremony
9:30 Cut off time

Timing & certification

 Automated timing
For the physical race only, virtual race self timing
 Electronic certificates
For every one
 Finisher & Finalists medals
*Finalists medal for physical race only, **finisher for every one