About us

Endurance Sports Services: For a happier lifestyle

القدرة للخدمات الرياضية: لأسلوب حياة أسعد

You are stronger than you think!

أنت أقوى مما تظن!

Our goals:

  • Activating the role of community sports on an ongoing basis with the aim of spreading sports culture and making sports the ideal style and lifestyle of the society
  • Spreading and promoting the culture of individual sports and attracting young people to the practice of preparing a new generation of athletes
  • Support and develop sports activities at the local level to create a positive impact in global sport
  • To highlight the sports and tourism features of the country and promote tourism and sports destinations
  • Encourage the community to practice sports by providing activities and atmosphere suitable for all levels, abilities and ages, with affordable fees!
  • Promote a culture of tolerance in the community through community sports that bring together all nationalities in the diversity of the UAE society

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