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  • Fri

    Wadi Al Helo Trail Run سباق وادي الحلو

    7:00 AMWadi Al Helo Trail Run https://goo.gl/maps/NJbDnhfqSsAbStSZ9

                                                                                                              SHARJAH SPORTS COUNCIL

    Sharjah Sports Council, in cooperation with Endurance Sports Services Company, organizes the Wadi  Al Helo Trail Run in the Hajar Mountains, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the UAE and Sharjah specifically for archaeological and historical tourism.
    Where the stone houses extend in the course of the valley and built from the rocks of the valley.

    The historic village in Wadi Al Helo is part of the serial nomination, "Sharjah: Gateway to the Trucial States", for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Can't attend the race? No problem, you can register in the virtual category to get your participation medal!

    To ensure your and everyone's safety, please ensure that you have a negative COVID-19 test result for 72 hours on the day of the event.

    ينظم مجلس الشارقة الرياضي بالتعاون مع شركة القدرة للخدمات الرياضية سباق وادي الحلو في جبال حجر وهي من أجمل مناطق الإمارات للسياحة الأثرية والتاريخية.
    حيث تمتد البيوت الحجرية في مجرى الوادي والمبنية من صخور الوادي لعدة كيلومترات.تشكل القرية التاريخية في وادي الحلو جزءاً من سلسلة المواقع المرشحة إلى قائمة التراث العالمي لمنظمة اليونسكو في الترشيح المتسلسل بعنوان "الشارقة بوابة الإمارات المتصالحة"لا تستطيع حضور السباق؟ لا مشكلة، يمكنك التسجيل في الفئة الافتراضية والمشاركة عن بعد للحصول على ميدالية المشاركة الخاصة بك!

    لضمان سلامتك وسلامة الجميع، يرجى التأكد من حصولك على نتيجة اختبار كوفيد-19 سلبية لمدة 72 ساعة في يوم الحدث.


    Wadi Al Helo - Sharjah
    Wadi Al Helo
    United Arab Emirates  | AE


    • 10 km
    AED 89.25  Register
     |  07:00
    • 5 km
    AED 89.25  Register
     |  07:10
    • 10 km
    • 5 km
    AED 89.25  Register
     |  00:00
    • 10 km
    • 5 km
    AED 141.75  Register
     |  00:00
    • 10 km
    • 5 km
    AED 204.75  Register
     |  00:00


    Registration open
    Tue. 23 Mar. 2021
    Late fees apply from
    Tue. 6 Apr. 2021
    Registration close
    Wed. 7 Apr. 2021 or sooner if the event is fully-booked.
    Individual athletes
    Timing chips and bibs, online results and e-certificates, finisher medals & hydration.
    Refund policy
    Athletes have the option to protect fees for unforeseen and outside of control cancellations.

    Online payments related to cancelled and rescheduled events; e.g. registrations, donations and purchases are outlined and governed by the Terms of Service and Returns & Refunds policies.

    These payments are non-refundable and at the discretion of the event organizer.

    The current extraordinary circumstances are beyond control of athletes and organizer's. Therefore this event is subject to refunds as follows:
    - For refunds related to cancelled events, we will contact you and issue a refund automatically.
    - For refunds related to rescheduled events, we will contact you with the new date and time ASAP. In case you can't make the event, refunds will be done upon request.
    - Store purchases are excluded from refunds.
    - All refunds are subject to a 15% administration fee.

    Practical info

    Race information
    Race pack collection
    Event Day Program:
    6:00 Race check in & bib collection
    7:00 10 km start
    7:10 5 km start
    9:00 Awards ceremony
    9:30 Cut-off timeبرنامج الحدث:
    6:00 صباحاً فتح تسجيل الوصول للسباق
    7:00 انطلاق سباق 10 كيلو
    7:10 انطلاق سباق 5 كيلو
    9:00 صباحا - حفل توزيع الجوائز
    9:30 نهاية السباق
    Transport to start
    Transport from finish

    Course / track / circuit

    Support stations
     Refreshment and support stations available along the route

    Facilities & services

     Registered Nurse and / or Emergency Medical services present.
    Changing rooms

    Timing & certification

     Automated timing
    for the physical race only, virtual race self timing
     Electronic certificates
    for everyone
     Finisher & Finalists medals
    *Finalists medal for physical race only, **finisher for everyone


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